pic Bruno Buarque

pic by Bruno Buarque

Nina Cavalcanti is a filmmaker from Brazil, currently living in Berlin.

She works as a director, camera woman and editor.

In the beginning of her professional life she had large experience as a producer of concerts, events, music albuns, exhibitions and even fashion (at record label Trama).

Since 2005 she turned to the audiovisual area. She began as an assistant director in advertising campaigns, TV series (HBO, MTV) and also at the feature film “Romance”, by Guel Arraes. Then she became an independente artist, directing and editing videos by herself and also producing films, mainly in the fashion and music world.

In fashion universe Nina collaborated for 3 years with Glamurama and Daslu websites. In the music, she directed some documentary making ofs. Arnaldo Antunes, Nação Zumbi, Gilberto Gil, the underground young music scene from São Paulo and Rio are some of the artists she worked with. More recently, in 2015, she documented the European Tour of Emicida, a special HipHop singer from Brasil. The material turn out to be 6 different videos, edited by her, online in his youtube channel.

Since 2014 Nina began to make some experiences, taking some pictures with analog camera and that changed her work, completely Lately, she’s doing some collages using an analog and interesting process.

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