I am an artist and filmmaker born and raised in São Paulo (Brazil) and have been living in Berlin since 2014. My early years in Brasil were mainly with my hand camera documenting the music scene and experimenting free forms of music videos.

In the last years I became fascinated by the body’s ability to communicate, by body language. I started to look at ordinary reality in a choreographic way, perceiving in every movement of daily life a certain possibility of dance.

In my first film, in 2017, a short feature film without dialogue, You Are no Stranger to my Heart, I introduced a certain strangeness into the movements, by choreographing them, but not in a musical context.

As a filmmaker I consider myself as an author, and I can take on different roles such as directing, camera and editing with a certain naturalness, to achieve some aesthetic result. My work nowadays flirts with film and photography, but not just, also with performance and dance, text and visual arts in general. dance, text and visual arts in general.

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